Almost  4 decades before You tube we explored with film.


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In 1970 I put 8 mm movie cameras into the hands of my students and encouraged them to explore.  Some  offered a blank stare while others came up with all kinds of ideas.  Some made complete productions while others dabbled with an idea and then quickly went on to follow another idea they had.  It was interesting to see  how children who had been brought up with a sit - listen- absorb - regurgitate - educational model related to this new experience.

Over the next 40 years I managed to save much of what what resulted from this endeavor.  It was not easy.  There were primitive transfers from film to Betamax to VHS to MiniDV to DVD.  The technology was ever changing and there was always the danger that one would be left behind with no way of preserving the efforts.

Today, editing and adding sound to film is easy but not so in those days. Eight mm splicing was a chore and adding sound all but impossible.  How times have changed.

If you were a part of this program have a look.  Hopefully, it will bring back some happy memories.  And if you are just someone looking for an idea for your next Youtube masterpiece be our guest.  You may just find it here.

Hamilton Junior High — Audio - Visual —1970s

Lethbridge - Alberta - Canada